EG#4 - ROI Campaign Management TooL

ICN passionately believes that every marketing dollar should be measurable and able to produce a ‘return on investment’, ensuring businesses are as nimble and effective as possible.


ICN SQUID is currently developing an ROI Campaign Management Tool that will enable all marketing related costs to be incorporated into a suite of reports which you can capture, embed or export to be part of your own ROI analysis for internal or client reporting. You can also input targets for non-financial indicators (such leads or enquiries generated, tickets sold, new customer details added, etc.).

This covers both external third party costs – where you are paying invoices to third parties, and they can be uploaded across from your company financial package – and you being able to split out time and costs of full time marketing staff across tasks, products, campaigns or event.

You are then able to set marketing objectives for these areas, and assess their results and impact in financial and non-financial indicator terms.

Initially this will connect up with Xero, Sage & Quick Books Online accounting packages, but ICN is open to creating a secure API interface with other online accounting packages upon request, so please get in touch and let us know which other packages you would like us to consider.

We completely understand that internal finance departments will always be wary of “two sets of numbers” appearing in internal reporting, so by ensuring that information is pulled from the company accounts, this means the information is providing a ‘memorandum’ analysis of what is in the company ledgers, not a separate set of figures.
There will be a small initial set up fee to liaise with finance to their satisfaction and get this all to everyone’s satisfaction.

There is even scope to incorporate figures from CRM tools via an API such as Sales Force, to look at profitability also.

What’s coming soon for EG#4 ROI Campaign Management Tool?

The ROI Campaign Management Tool is due to launch as part of the release of ICN SQUID 1.1.4, in September 2021. Please complete the form if you would like to trial it for free with us in September.


Fill out the form on this page to get in contact with one of our advisors, and we’ll get back to you and see what we can do! We look forward to hearing from you.