We’re all familiar with that feeling when we somehow need to switch everything off for a day or two to do management, shareholder or client reporting. It almost always becomes a hugely beneficial exercise once done, with a much better sense of perspective and priority but taking oneself out of the day to day to get it done can be uncomfortable!

Mac computer monitor with data management display
ICN SQUID Data Management Display

So anything that enables that period of being taken out of the day to day delivery of ‘the gameplan’ to be shorter, has be worth an enormous amount in terms of ‘opportunity cost’?

ICN SQUID aims to shorten that amount of time wasted searching and then pulling information from different sources – as each one has its own idiosyncrasy or nuance and when you only use the software episodically and time is precious, we could all do without that time spent reorientating ourselves. With ICN SQUID you get in once and get all access to all information.

ICN SQUID then aims to provide formats and layouts that enable you to drag and drop them into your management presentations. Compare to different time periods, use standard or bespoke date ranges, the permutations are increasing with every release, so why not start making use of it today?

What’s coming soon for EG#3 Management Reporting Tool?

Lots more development to come on formats, exports and downloads, so that you are able to find a format that works for you, and drop it into your report each time. Indeed, we would welcome your feedback and suggestions of any formats you would like us to develop as standard.

Management Reports from ICN SQUID are available for free to ICN clients in 2021.


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