All digital marketers are very aware that digital performance is instant and constant. Visibility and awareness of performance can stimulate a whole range of emotions and efforts. There is no point getting to the end of the month and then realising that the figures are disappointing! Equally, when things go well, it can bred confidence and energy to kick on even further.

LED Display of ICN SQUID analytics page

This part of ICN SQUID enables marketers to share digital performance real time with colleagues and management. The costs of LED screens has reduced significantly over the last decade or so, and all it requires is a screen that runs Android and ICN SQUID can create rotating displays throughout the working day showing the performance across all aspects of an organisation’s digital footprint: website, social, apps, etc.

There is then the scope to customise your displays with your internal sales or management information, to make it even more relevant to sales teams or executives.

ICN will source and purchase the screens on your behalf, and get everything set up, including any initial customisation for additional internal information.

What’s coming soon for EG#6 LED Display Tool?

Further animations to the displays and designs, and more APIs as standard.


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