EG#1 - Customer Loyalty & Valuation Score (Clvs)

This part of ICN SQUID is very much aimed at businesses who are running e-commerce or subscription based websites, or Apps.

Such companies often have their entire valuation based on a combination of key metrics like ‘Average Revenue Per User’ (ARPU), Average Lifetime Value per User’, ‘Cost Per Install’ (CPI) or ‘Cost Per Acquisition’ (CPA).

LED Display of ICN SQUID analytics page

This puts enormous pressure on the effectiveness of digital marketing for the entire future of the enterprise, with, in the opinion of ICN, a misguided emphasis on misleading metrics like CPI & CPA.

What is far more important is LOYALTY. Which marketing partner is bringing you the most enduring and loyal users? Why would you choose to put your marketing dollars into a marketing that brings you a low CPI/CPA but it turns out, leads to terrible levels of non-engagement or uninstalls?

So ICN SQUID has launched its ‘CLVS’ metric – Customer Loyalty & Valuation Score. This provides all the vital information to help with company valuations in this sector, but focuses on Loyalty rather than CPI/CPA.

It achieves this by a special Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm that looks at the date, time and other metrics around an install or sign up, looks at all marketing and media activity around that ‘event’ and provides a probability score as to the most likely source of that install. 

That user is given an anonymous code and attributed and assigned to a particular source, and then all future engagements from that user code are monitored. This enables ICN SQUID to be able assess things like returning visits, purchases, referrals and uninstalls, and start attributing lifetime values to users, and loyalty scores to marketing partners.

This directly leads to a far more highly effective digital performance to levels of 1000% improvement or better.

It is for this reason that we say this carries a health warning: using ICN SQUID’s CLVS may seriously increase your product or company’s valuation!

What’s coming soon for EG#5 Customer loyalty & Valuation Score?

CLVS is now live and the AI algorithm is constantly improving and honing itself, the more data that goes through it.  Further enhancements to the algorithm will be released in 1.1.2 on May 27, 2021, and case studies will follow later in the year.


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