Digital Dashboard

Get Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SEO data and much more all in the one place. Available for free in 2021 to ICN Media clients.


Verified Lead Tracker

To many commercial operations, a company website is ultimately there to generate enquiries and sales – the ICN SQUID Verified Lead Tracker sorts the wheat from the chaff so you can assess your digital marketing performance with transparency and confidence.


Management Reporting

Fed up of having to take 2-3 days out of your schedule to report back on performance, pouring over a multitude of sources to understand what is working and not working? Let the ICN SQUID Management Reporting help you download the key data from one place to various formats in one go.


ROI Campaign Management Tool

You will be all too aware than some marketing initiatives involve ‘marketing budget’ of outsourced costs and third party advertisers and suppliers while others involve very little of that but plenty of staff time – the ICN SQUID ROI Campaign Management Tool enables you to quickly, easily and accurately compare all efforts equally.


Customer Loyalty & Valuation Score

A special feature for Apps & E-commerce/M-commerce businesses: fed up about being valued based on ‘average subscriber lifetime value’ but being sold to purely on ‘Cost Per Install’ or ‘Cost Per Acquisition’ with no hint of association to unsubscribe rates or loyalty? Well ICN SQUID has a very clever AI algorithm to help you get the transparency you have been craving and massively overhaul your entire digital spend as a result. Warning: effective us of this feature could double or treble your company valuation!


LED Display Tool

This is an Android based screen display tool to enable management information to be displayed on rotation in the offices of company executives, sales and marketing team offices, etc. So all your digital performance information can be shared real time, as well as customisation to your own information from tools such as Sales Force.



The ICN SQUID App will be available on iOS & Android from May 27 2021 and is designed to help you receive when you want where you want. It will enable the Digital Dashboard to be viewed in a fast mobile device friendly manner and will also offer extra features like ‘Lead Alert’ push notifications at a frequency of your setting, and ‘Daily KPI Summaries’ or ‘Competitor Watch Summaries’ by push notification, at a time and frequency of your choosing too.


Competitor Watch Tool

There is a world of information out there but doesn’t it just feel like information overload at times? Use ICN SQUID’s Competitor Watch Tool and let us gather information on your competition for you and report it back to you when you want, where you want.