ICN SQUID releases major 1.1.1 Upgrade to our Software

Version 1.1.1 of the web browser based software adds enhanced and new functionality helping clients to see ‘at a glance’ their digital footprint and instantly assess the impact of their marketing strategies, gain a better insight into their target audience and clearly assess their return on investment.

It’s all part of the ‘EIGHT GREAT’ ways that ICN SQUID helps a business to improve their digital marketing performance, and the core Digital Dashboard is available for free to all ICN clients in 2021 – a login and password is required in order to see client site specific confidential data.

EG#1 Digital Dashboard

EG#2 Verified Lead Tracker

EG#3 Management Reporting

EG#4 ROI Campaign Management Tool

EG#5 Customer Loyalty & Valuation Score

EG#6 LED Display Tool


EG#8 Competitor Watch Tool

ICN SQUID is available for free to all ICN clients in 2021 – a login and password is required in order to see client site specific confidential data.

Version 1.1.1 update includes:

  • Customer Loyalty & Valuation Score (CLVS) (EG#5): to enable certain web or App based clients to be able to radically improve their digital marketing efficiency and effectiveness, and substantiate company valuations, ICN SQUID has an AI algorithm in place to assess the source of new users and assess their loyalty over time.  This is being constantly improved and refined. 
  •  LED Display Tool (EG#6): the first release of an ICN SQUID App takes place on Android enabling us to set clients up with digital displays internally showcasing their digital performance.  This can be customised to show other Key Performance Indicators and can be a great way to empower sales and marketing staff.
  • Digital Dashboard (EG#1): enhancements to the Digital Dashboard design and navigation menu. 
  • Management Reporting (EG#3): now with the ability to compare between date ranges to easily review, generate, export, download and assess site growth statistics. 
  • Lead Reporting (EG#2) & Management Reporting (EG#3): using data from Flurry, ICN SQUID can now actively monitor usage on an app via custom setup events. 
  • Management Reporting (EG#3): monthly generated reports are automatically generated for clients based on data collected from ICN SQUID.
  • Lead Reporting (EG#2): specific verification of lead reporting is generated via ICN SQUID, so clients can be very clear what is a genuine lead and then manage their own sales pipeline.
  • Digital Dashboard (EG#1): New section added where users can ‘at a glance’ see their key SEO data metrics such as keyword ranking and search performance.

To find out more about ICN SQUID and whether you would like to trial it, please go to: www.icn-squid.com
To find out more about our company’s Digital Agency services, please go to: www.icn-media.com

ICN SQUID offers digital data and insight for any company with a digital or social media footprint. Specifically though, SQUID stands for ‘Searchable Queryable, User Information Database’ with its unique AI algorithm which can analyse data such as key metrics from different digital channels, patterns of usage and traffic to attribute a ‘source’ such as an app, website visit or social media ad campaign to a new user, and then be able to clearly measure how loyal a user is from a different source. As all good digital marketers know, the ‘CPI’ (cost per install) or ‘CPA’ (cost per acquisition) is a nice stat, but what is the point if that user uninstalls next week or never visits the site again?

Geoff Baker, CEO of ICN said “ICN passionately believes that every company should be ensuring that every last penny that they invest in their digital marketing is producing a return or increasing their valuation. By providing ICN SQUID software alongside 17 digital products from ICN Media, we are ensuring that every one of ICN’s clients has that opportunity.It’s great to see the AI and reporting suites moving forwards, while lead reporting – incoming business enquiries – is ultimately the point of a digital presence to most businesses, so being transparent and clear about this for our clients is essential to a digital agency. The release of the Android display App will enable our clients to display digital footprint data, or bespoke customised Key Performance Indicators to staff on LED screens real time if they want to empower staff to drive for growth.”